Duration: 75min | Cost: $235 | Scheduling

Program Overview
The 2013 Omnibus Final Rule (Mega Rule) defines the changes to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, the Security Rule, and the Enforcement Rule.

Topics of Discussion
During this private interactive session, we discuss each item in the Omnibus Rule and discuss in detail the ones which are relevant and important to your organization.

You will gain the knowledge necessary to determine how the Omnibus rule impacts you, and what changes will have to be made before the September 23, 2013 compliance date.

At the conclusion of this sessions, you will clearly understand what each section of the document requires, and what specific regulation requires it.

Materials Provided

  • A document identifying all the HIPAA regulations impacted by the Omnibus Rule.
  • 30 days of ongoing support after the event.

Recommended Audience

Nursing Facilities and Physician Practice Owners
Facility Administrators and Executive Directors
Physician Practice Administrators
Chief Financial Officers
HIPAA Privacy and Security Officers
Compliance Officers
Risk Managers
Staff Development and Training Personnel
Directors of Operations
Health Information Managers/Management (HIM) - Medical Records - Managers & Staff

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